Heart Space Dundee offers a warm welcome to everyone.

Heart Space is Dundee's dedicated Yoga studio that offers more than 60 classes a week to people of all ages and abilities. It is our firm belief that anyone can do yoga and we pride ourselves in having a wide range of classes that will meet people wherever they are on their health and wellbeing journey.

We also have classes for children and families to bring together the communities of Dundee and Tayside to access the gifts that a yoga practice can give. Our therapy team is also on hand to deliver specific bodywork appointments to work with any injuries or postural issues.

Heart Space classes include Forrest Yoga, hot yoga, Pilates, barre, aerial yoga and vinyasa flow yoga and workshops with local and international teachers.

As part of our charitable work we offer free kids and family yoga classes as well as subsidised parent and baby classes and pregnancy yoga. In the past we have worked with women’s groups, LGBT youth groups and the Maggies Centre Dundee. If you work with a group and are looking to collaborate drop us a message and we can see how we can offer services.


The doors to Heart Space were opened in 2010 after a considered renovation process that transformed Dundee’s West End former Logie Church Hall that had fallen to disrepair into a beautiful purpose built 2000 ft. Yoga studio. The original carved wood ceiling, magnificent stained glass windows and thick stone walls all remain, creating a welcoming, heartening and special space to practice and enjoy Yoga.

  • Two Yoga Studios

  • Treatment Room

  • Yoga Mats (£1.00 Hire)

  • Yoga Props: Blocks, Blanket, Straps, Rolls

  • Aerial Hammocks

  • Barres

  • Merchandise shop

  • Snacks available

  • Free tea


  • We aim to open the studio doors 15 minutes prior to class to give us time to prepare the rooms

  • Doors close when class starts and latecomers will not be admitted

  • No shoes on the studio floor. 

  • Phones must be off or on silent.

  • In some classes you will be in very close proximity to your neighbour, so please be mindful that you are sharing the same air so let’s keep it fresh, wear clean clothes and use deodorant to make everyones experience a pleasant one, but also don’t overdo strong perfumes.

  • For heated classes we suggest bringing a small towel with you.

  • If you are doing a heated class then staying for an aerial class please bring a complete change of clothes for hygiene reasons.


First time at Heart Space or first time at a yoga class, these should help you out:

Q. What should I wear?

A. Comfortable clothing. Leggings, t shirt, shorts. Anything you can move in. If attending aerial long sleeved top is advised.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. If you have your own yoga mat, bring that, alternatively you can hire one at the studio for £1 (first visit mat hire is free). A bottle of water is always good, but we do sell them for £1 if needed. If you have a re-useable bottle you can fill this up in our kitchen.

Q. What if I have an injury?

A. Advise the teacher of any injury or medical issue you may have that affects your exercise/yoga practice.

Q. Can I practice while pregnant?

A. Yes! We have a dedicated pregnancy yoga class or you can also attend any forrest yoga (beginners or open) or barre class, always alert the teacher as some poses are not advised whilst pregnant and they can modify where needed. Please note we advise no yoga before 14 weeks, and definitely no heated classes.

Q. If I arrive late can I come in to the class?

A. Unfortunately we cannot admit clients once the class has started.  Classes often begin with quiet time and meditation which would be disturbed and is the main time to inform the instructor regarding any injuries or issues you may have, so late entry it is not permitted.