A Day With Finlay

We have some great workshops coming up, including a day of sessions with our teacher Finlay. We thought we would ask him some questions ahead of his workshops in March. You can book these on March 16th either as both together or individually.

What is Movement Medicine and how is this different from one of your classes?

F: I practice every day and draw inspiration from many movement disciplines. I put it through my body for a couple of weeks to feel what works and what helps and then solidify it into my practice. This workshop is my most up to date workshop synthesising a year of these discoveries in functional range conditioning and innovations from a flow and Forrest practice.

What can people expect?

F: As usual, beginning with an intent and pranayama to bring people into their bodies. Then, from there, moving into some poses, prop variations and mobility drills to deepen our connection to various parts of the body that can either feel stuck or asleep. With lots of options given, even folks with injuries will find a way to work that brings relief and connection. You are welcome to bring a notebook or video some of the exercises to work into your practice.

Next, inversions and arm balances. Is it a good idea to do both together?

F: Oh totally. With the work in the first session, we won’t be doing into handstands or big poses so this will help us keep stamina for the second session. Forrest Yoga has some great tools and warm ups to create poses that brighten the blood and quicken the mind. Arm balances (even if you don’t lift off the ground) challenge your strength but can also be met with a sense of achievement and triumph. It is super invigorating.

What if you can’t handstand?

F: Who do you know that can hold a handstand for longer than a minute? Nah, this class will teach ways that you can begin to practice these. You can’t expect to get something without practicing it. This session will build you up and support you to have the courage to explore these poses, maybe for the first time. We work in partners and with the wall to find safe, non-falling ways to work upside down. When I have taught this before, the class is tired by the end, but euphoric.

Thanks for the info! If you have any questions, you can always email Finlay direct finlay@heartspacedundee.co.uk

See you all there!