Why Yin Yang

Have you tried Yin Yang?

Yin Yang is a blend of 2 yoga styles into one practice. Firstly Yin Yoga, the practice of passively holding poses with support by many props, brings benefits such as improved flexibility and joint mobility, reduced stress and anxiety and simulating the meridians (energy channels in the body, as described by Traditional Chinese Medicine) bringing balance to the organs and the body.

Secondly Yang Yoga is a more active yoga asana practice using muscles to build strength, heat, flexibility and body awareness. The two styles compliment each other, the balance of hard and soft, a combination of mobility and strength to your body plus stillness and peace to your mind. As one might expect, it is about finding a harmonious balance in the body and mind.

Every class is different and some may focus on some more of the Yin aspect or the Yang. Delivering classes this way reduces the tendency towards creating habitual movements and encourages the development of incredibly mindful movement.

There are 3 sessions during the week at Heart Space.

Tuesday 12.00pm with Alan

Thursday 10.30am with Evy (new time)

Thursday 7.15pm with Alan

Check out our full schedule on our website.

Alan Lambie