Yoga For Every Body

Preparing to teach a yoga class has led me to reflect upon my time as a beginner.

I found the studio online, picked the class I wanted to do, and I procrastinated. My son started school in August & I was going to start yoga; the first class I actually attended was in November.

I was too fat, not fit enough, I wasn’t flexible, I didn’t really know HOW to do yoga. Surely at a dedicated yoga studio everyone would be “really good at yoga” , & the more I dwelled upon it the more I convinced myself the studio was for elite svelte yogis wearing yoga brands, not unfit, un-supple people like me who only owned one sports bra & had prepared by buying jogging bottoms from the supermarket.

Arriving for the first class I was anxious, on the verge of panic. As I sat on my mat & waited for class to start I avoided eye contact with anybody, my stomach was churning.

Class began. We were instructed to turn on our breath (what? I already was breathing!) Concentrating on keeping a constriction in my throat to make an audible breath cleared my frantic mind.

As we progressed through, I worried less about how I looked & more about how I felt. Directed to focus on the sensation in the body part we were working, I lost interest in what the others were doing or what they thought of me. By the end of final relaxation something had shifted, I’d done it! I’d been to my first yoga class! My mood felt a little lighter, my body appreciated the movement. It felt good.

Relieved from the crippling imposter syndrome I’d unfoundedly foisted upon myself I noticed everyone was different. Different body shapes, different ages, different outfits.

Nobody was looking & judging, we were all there for the same reason, to practice yoga.


You can join Sarah for class, every week from Sunday at 11.30-12.30.

We have added a new way to pay for this class. If you are a member or use blocks, you can book the class as normal. If finances have been a barrier to your practice, this class will work with PAY WHAT YOU CAN. Follow the booking options and select anything from £2 to the regular class price. This is entirely confidential and simply shows up as a class pass on the booking screen.

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