Ever The Beginner

Teaching outside of Heart Space always reveals something about teaching for me. At the studio, we have so many beginner classes that we get to cover a lot of information and get a good number of people versed in the basics, and soon after that, they aren’t technically beginners any more.

One of things I noticed while away teaching is that the beginner fundamentals are what I need to ground people in. Things like relaxing your neck, active feet, and decompressing the back, are so valuable that it is where we always start. It always amazes me to be teaching other teachers and seasoned yoga people and the delight they feel in establishing these basics that we teach day in and day out at the studio.

To those of you looking to start, the basics take a little bit to get to grips with because they are, for sure, things you don’t already do. So, don’t be put off by them and the frustration of feeling like you have been told to do them for the millionth time. That’s learning! Even the qualified yoga teachers I taught in New York, struggled to get to grips with a new way of working. In that way, learning a new movement modality, we are all beginners!

We strongly recommend that, even if you have a steady practice, that you pick up a few beginner classes. The pace is a little slower and your ability to absorb the information will be completely different. You get to focus on the fundamentals of breath deeply to feel what you are doing and tracking how the Forrest Yoga basics moves work for you.

If you haven’t started yet, you should try out one of the beginners classes that we have on 7 days a week or keep an eye out for Beginner Courses starting in the near future!

~ Finlay